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Advertisement : slapdash_sims

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Mar. 1st, 2007 | 08:45 pm
posted by: sisterite in sim_photos

My friend Kkes and I have started a new sims community, specifically for contests and themed photoshoots. At slapdash_sims, anyone with the Sims can join; we'll be doing contests and themes that anyone is able to do, no matter what expansions they do or do not have. Some of the contests that we've decided on so far are: home design, fashion magazine spreads, fairy tales and mythology. We've got a whole list; that's just a sampling.

Also; I'm sure some of you are wondering exactly what you get out of winning the contests. Well, we've decided on a point system. 100 points for first place, 75 points for second place, 50 points for third place and 25 points for fourth place. At the end of 6 months, the person with the largest amount of points will be awarded a year of paid LJ time. That's a pretty good deal for just taking some pictures, yeah?!

So I would appreciate if you would go to slapdash_sims and check it out. We're also looking for people who would be willing to be judges for the contests; Kkes and I would like to partake in some of these contests, as well, so ... Yeah. We need impartial judges. Any takers?

Thank you for your attention!

I didn't see any rule that said "no advertising". If this isn't okay, then please delete.

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